1.- For serving http://directoryofsocialnetworks.com
A. To put this site, the icon or logo of your social network and a link to this network, whatever their social network and thereby increase their online presence.
2. That win to have a link to my social network?
A. if you want to promote a business or social, political, religious, entertainment or simply increase followers, this is the perfect method.
3. How long will be online?
A. There are several plans in the shopping section can choose the one you like.
4. How I can pay?
A. With credit card, debit card or paypal?
5. What guarantee do I have?
A. If in 30 days was not satisfied your money back no questions asked.
6. after purchasing my space http://directoryofsocialnetworks.com
How long does the logo of my social network and my link appear?
A. That depends on the work of previous clients have you, they will be installed, as they arrive orders, but hopefully not take more than 24 hours and a maximum of 48 hours
7. If I want to change my logo or name on my social network I can later do?
A. If there is no problem if the same network and the same customer, but only once a year, if more than 2 times cost an additional prior agreement.
8. How long will be online http://directoryofsocialnetworks.com
It is renewed every five years, their stay will be forever
9. If I want to put the logo and link to my website or blog, I can also do so.
A. Clearly, if no problem
10. What restrictions are there?
A. No icons or logos nudity, drugs, racism, weapons, or anything that is unlawful will be accepted.
No links to any social network, website or blog that promotes racism, drug sales, weapons, slavery, hatred, child pornography, incitement to violence, or are fraudulent be accepted.
11. http://directoryofsocialnetworks.com
It is representative of a social network?
A. We are not representatives of any social network whatever his name.
12. Can I put any link to any social network where I have membership?
A. Of course, if you can put the icon or logo of your network marketing business or entertainment, and an active link.

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